NDT equipment - Ultrasone for production

    Ultrasonic Flaw Detector MFD900


    Designed for flexibility, ease of use and efficiency. The MFD900 can be supplied as a 2 channel system for research, production or C-scan applications. It can also be supplied as a multi channel, multiplexed or a combination of both systems for ultrasonic testing up to 30 MHz.

    Optimal test results are achieved using a combination of hardware and software techniques to obtain the highets performance in test speed and reliability


    Key features

    • 2 to 20 channels (1 to 10 channels non multiplexed)
    • Independent parameter set up on each channel
    • Touch screen for ease of operation
    • Easy channel equipped with 5 flaw gates with analog peak detectors, alarm logic and gated amplifier
    • Selective attenuation and gain on each gate
    • One water path meter and one universal thickness meter available on each channel
    • Up to 10 kHz PRF per channel
    • 2 encoder inputs for inline production testing and displaying real time graphics
    • Industrial I/O and PLC interface
    • High speed real time analog and alarm output option
    • Position programmable paint marker output
    • Ethernet and RS232 interface
    • 4 USB connections
    • VGA connection for external monitor
    • Available in table top or 19" rack mount version
    • Also available in "box" version for remote applications
    • Segmented TCG on each channel

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    Servicing Europe NDT bv

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    Servicing Europe NDT bv
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    The Netherlands
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    Servicing Europe NDT bv
    Tel. +31 (0)165 538 606
    Email: sales@sendt.com
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