NDT equipment - Shearography

    Steinbichler ISIS

    Shearography is a non-destructive measurement method that allows the detection of defects and sub-surface delaminations in composite material. As new NDT method Shearography enables a non-contact inspection and delivers full-field results obtaining 1,4 Million data points per measurement. Therefore Shearography is considered as a very fast complementary method for conventional NDT methods.


    Shearography measurement principles

    Shearography technology is laser measurement method and derivate of a conventional electronic interferometric speckle measurement method (ESPI). This adaptation of Shearography enables the use in field under non-vibration isolated conditions enjoying still the high measurement sensitivity that Laser-Shearography provides to the end-user of 30nm out-of-plane (z-direction)


    Shearography allows to inspect following materials


    • Sandwich material
    • Various CFRP top-layer- honeycomb core material combinations
    • Aluminium honeycomb material
    • GRP laminates and material compositions
    • GRP/ Wood laminates
    • CFRP Foamcore material
    • Carbon – Nomex material
    • Carbon – Rohacell
    • Glassfibre foam composites


    Palm-sized ergonomic design


    • Debondings
    • Material delaminations
    • Cracks
    • Impacts, dents
    • Barely Visible Impact Damages (BVID’s)
    • Tool drop impacts
    • Failed repair areas
    • Wrinkles and waves
    • Material inclusions: Air, Water, Foil, Foreign material (FOD)

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    Servicing Europe NDT bv

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    Servicing Europe NDT bv
    Tel. +31 (0)165 538 606
    Email: sales@sendt.com
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