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    X-ray Tubes Aerospace - LORAD LPX Series

    LORAD's Portable X-Ray systems are the most advanced, most accurate, most reliable industrial x-ray systems available.Available in either liquid or air cooled versions.The X-ray systems operate on a 100% duty cycle for cost-efficient continuous operation.


    Features of the X-ray Tubes Aerospace


    • End-grounded x-ray tubes.
    • 5-160 kV, 5mA constant potential output.
    • 10-200 kV, 10mA constant potential output.
    • 10-300 kV, 10mA constant potential output.
    • 100% duty cycle.
    • Beryllium window x-ray tube.
    • Lightweight, gas insulated portable x-ray tubehead.
    • LORAD exclusive Laser Pointer for pinpoint central x-ray beam targeting.
    • Water and air-cooled models available.
    • Warm-up program, test data display, self-diagnostics and status display Automatic adaptation to input voltage.
    • Quick and easy maintenance via plug-in printed circuit boards.
    • 100 feet of cable for remote operation.
    • Plugs into standard outlet or portable generator.
    • 40° Directional Tubehead or 360° Panoramic.


    Digital control unit

    All LORAD systems are equipped with an exclusive microprocessor-driven control unit that brings powerful digital capabilities to industrial x-ray.

    • Automatic warm-up in five operator selectable modes.
    • Units of exposure in seconds or mAs.
    • Precise kV and mA indication.
    • Alphanumeric display of operating status.
    • Self-diagnostic circuitry.
    • Accurate setting for exact repeatability.
    • Displays are readable in direct sunlight.
    • Store/Recall of 250 exposure techniques.




    • Tripod-style Tubehead Stand.
    • Laser Pointer.
    • Hydraulic Tubehead Stand for the LPX300.

    LPX X-ray systems are manufactured by:

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    Contact Servicing Europe NDT bv for more information.




    X-ray Tubes Industrial - ICM Site Series

    Extreme portability, unequalled dimensions, incredible weight.... Never before had an inspection job been se comfortable than with this new Site-XS series X-Ray tubes..


    Features of the X-ray Tubes Industrial Site_XS series


    • With SCU286 Control Unit
    • In-built External Diaphragm.
    • 200-225-250 kV.
    • Extreme portability.
    • Laser Pointer.
    • Only 17.8 kg
    • Panoramic or directional

    ICM Site systems are manufactured by:

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    Contact Servicing Europe NDT bv for more information.





    Features of the X-ray Tubes Industrial Site_x series

    Either panoramic or directional, up to 360 kV (or 80mm steel penetration). The wide range of portable Site-X has become the reference of all major NDT companies.


    • With SCU286 control unit
    • World Best Seller portables
    • From 180 to 360 kV
    • Directional and Panoramic
    • Designed for harsh operations
    • Unmatched reliability
    • Highest duty cycle available
    • Panoramic beam magnetically controlled.


    Contact Servicing Europe for more information.






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    Servicing Europe NDT bv
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