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    X-ray Portable - Rayzor XPro


    Vidisco’s portable RayzorX Pro enables fast setup under any conditions, at any location – either on site, outdoors or in the laboratory.With the super thin RayzorX Pro imager and integrated wireless options, you can conduct X-rayinspections anywhere, without cables. Highest quality, razor sharp images are created with a click of a button and analysis can be conducted on your laptop immediately, on site.


    Best image quality

    The RayzorX Pro Digital Detector Array (DDA) provides the best image quality, due to excellent signal to noise ratio |(SNR) and works in synchronization with the X-ray source allowing for the highest detection level in the market.



    It is compatible with portable pulsed, constant potential and high frequency X-ray sources as well as Isotopes. RayzorX Pro is compatible with current industry standards. All Vidisco systems are based on one platform concept of interchangeable imagers and accessories. The system is available in a rugged case or backpack.


    Fast image software

    The system Fast image generation, proprietary Xbit Pro software, enhancement analysis tools andefficient operation dramatically speed inspection, increasing NDT profitability.Digital Radiography (DR) is the most advanced X-ray technology available. Vidisco continues to be the innovation leader in X-ray inspection.


    Features of the Rayzor XPro


    • Image area: 222 X 222mm (~9 X 9 inch)
      5mm from bottom and 7 mm from detector side
    • Imager Size: 360 X 330 X 13mm (h,w,d)
      Thinnest Digital Imager in the World!
      14.2 X13 X 0.5 inch
    • Imager Weight: 3.5 Kg (~ 7.7 lbs)
    • Imager Sensor Type:
      Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Digital Detector Array (DDA) Flat panel Imager
    • Smart ICU Rock solid & reliable, Powerful CPU, Built in wireless and wireless X-ray, Digital info display, All weather design, (optional) Tripod mountable
    • Dynamic Range: 14 bit (16,384 Grey levels)
    • Resolution: 3.5 lp/mm (behind 3 mm of steel)
    • Power Supply: Over 5 hours of battery operation/ AC 110/220V for unlimited period of time
      Charging during AC operation
    • Software: Advanced proprietary Xbit Pro software for security applications.

    Rayzor XPro systems are manufactured by:

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    Contact Servicing Europe NDT bv for more information.






    The new 2905HD Laser film Digitizer is capable of scanning at high optical densities that were once unattainable. The 2905HD can accurately scan to optical densities of 4.7, which offers unsurpassed image acquisition for viewing detailed NDT radiographs.

    Naturally, all of the other technical strengths that have come to symbolize the quality and reliability of the 2905 family of digitizers are included in the 2905HD.

    Variable Pixel Spacing between 50µm ~ 500µm, self calibration at start up and a rugged all metal housing and steel frame that ensures years of long productive use.



    Industrial X-ray film processors are manufactured by:

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    Contact Servicing Europe NDT bv for more information.





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    Servicing Europe NDT bv

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    Servicing Europe NDT bv
    Tel. +31 (0)165 538 606
    Email: sales@sendt.com
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