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The Fokker Bondtester is unique in its capability to measure and quantify the quality of bonded structures.
The Fokker Bondtester is used in manufacturing processes as well as during maintenance inspection in aviation and non-aerospace applications.
The advantages of adhesive bonding techniques and the merits of the Fokker Bondtester are recognized by most aerospace manufacturers.
The Fokker Bondtester is exclusively sold world-wide by Servicing Europe NDT.
We also provide operator training and repair and calibration services.
This is done in co-operation with Fokker ELMO BV in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands.
Please contact Servicing Europe NDT bv for further details.


    Fokker Bondtester Model 90

    The latest model in the Fokker Bondtester family is the model 90.In the Fokker Bondtester 90, microprocessor technology and state-of-the-art display technology are combined with the proven characteristics of its predecessors. The Fokker Bondtester 90 is a highly flexible tool used in laboratories as well as in the field without compromise to measuring quality or handling characteristics.


    Features of the Fokker Bondtester 90

    • Easy operation through Flexible Menu Control and Smart Knob.
    • Bond tester resonance image is displayed on an electro-luminescence screen
    • Numerical display of A-scale (resonance frequency shift) and B-scale (impedance) values
    • Preprogrammable measurement settings displayed on screen.
    • Data storage of 4000 numerical + 50 graphical inspection results.
    • Automatic calibration on instrument and probe
    • Limit warning indicators on instrument and probe
    • Serial interface for computer control and data transfer
    • Suitable for field operation
    • Portable (battery operated)
    • Probe cable length up to 10 m (33 ft)
    • Limit warning and remote control on probe
    • Wide operational temperature range.

    Wide range of applications

    The Fokker Bondtester 90 is used for inspection of:

    • Adhesively bonded sheet metal structures
    • Sheet-to-honeycomb bonded metal and composite assemblies
    • Bonds between composite materials: carbon fiber, boron fiber, glass fiber, fiber aluminum laminates (GLARE and ARALL)
    • Delaminations, voids and porosities in composite materials
    • Brazed honeycomb
    • Thickness measurement

    A variety of other applications have been successfully tested with the Fokker Bondtester.
    For further details please download the Fokker Bondtester 90 brochure (pdf file).


    Fokker Bondtester Model 70 & 80

    Most spare parts are still available for the Fokker Bondtester Model 80 and Model 70. Contact us for availability of the parts you need.

    Contact Servicing Europe NDT bv for more information.


    Fokker Bondtester Repair & Calibration

    Servicing Europe NDT provides repair and calibration services for the Fokker Bondtester models 70, 80 and 90.The repairs and calibrations are made in co-operation with Fokker ELMO BV in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands.Please contact us for further details and shipping instructions.

    Contact Servicing Europe NDT bv for more information.


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    Servicing Europe NDT bv
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    Email: sales@sendt.com
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