New Product Release! Labino Midbeam 2.0 Athena


New Product Release!


Labino Midbeam 2.0 with Aerosol Spray Accessory Athena



 IP68 Waterproof classification: Solids and liquids that often find their way into a light causing UV LEDs to burn cannot penetrate a MidBeam 2.0 unit.
 Battery indicator: Four colors, green, yellow, orange and red signal the user when the batteries are over 75%, 50-75%, 25-50% and below 25% charged respectively. With less than 10% left the red signal starts flashing.
 Operates while charging batteries: The battery version can operate like mains while charging the batteries via a connector at the back of the head.
 Aerosol Spray Accessory Athena: An innovative accessory that is mounted on MidBeam 2.0 and allows the NDT Inspector to operate the aerosol can simultaneously with a strong UV light that is compliant with ASTM E3022 and RRES 90061.
Each light consists of 4 LEDs offering an extremely even beam. The switch located at the back of the head provides instant power. It is easy for the battery version to switch batteries. Four batteries are provided and two are needed to operate. The location of the batteries (inside pistol handle) makes the ergonomics of the unit stable. The battery version has a camera mount and can mount on a tripod that can be supplied by Labino. The mains version has a squared pin hole that can mount on a flexible arm that can also be supplied by Labino. Choose your customized cable length on a mains unit. MidBeam 2.0 Zeus and Hermes is classified as a Risk Group 3 (High Risk) in accordance with IEC / SS-EN 62471.







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 Contact Servicing Europe NDT voor meer informatie. 


Servicing Europe NDT becomes official dealer of LABINO in Benelux.


We are glad to anounce our dealership for LABINO.

Please check out the LABINO UV lights under the NDT equipment/ UVLights 'tab'.

If you have any interest in having a demonstration please contact Stefan Dekker or Koen D'hondt.




Servicing Europe NDT will supply magnetic benches to Belgium Military.


Servicing Europe NDT will become supplier of magnetic benches to Belgium Military.


On 25 July Servicing Europe NDT was awarded a contract to supply four benches for magnetic inspection with related accessories. Servicing Europe NDT is extremely proud of the confidence that the Defence shows in them and will ensure, together with the manufacturer Baugh & Weedon from Hereford, UK, the best possible execution of this contract.






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Servicing Europe NDT bv
Tel. +31 (0)165 538 606
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